The American writer Boyd once said “God created the world in six days. On the seventh day, taking his time, he created this fjord, Boka Kotorska”.

The Bay of Tivat leaves all visitors breathless with its beauty. Clear sea, refreshing air, evergreen vegetation and streets adorned with magnolia trees, a symbol of the town, makes everyone long for a rest.

Within the “shell” of the Bay of Tivat, there are two wonderful islands, the Saint Marc and The Lady of Grace. On one side they are protected by the Durasevic Coast, Bjelila and Krasici with magnificent little beaches.On the other side by the seafront of Tivat. The luxurious marina “Porto Montenegro” is also situated in Tivat, for those who love nautical tourism.

On the other side, there is Lustica Bay for those who love playing golf, beach parties or having fun practising archery.

Donja Lastva is for those who prefer a more peaceful holiday with palm trees, oleander trees, the sea in front of you and everything is easy to reach,

Up in the hills you can find Gornja Lastva where the time stood still. Beautiful nature, old stone houses, no noise, just the sound of the nature. Perfect for hiking and to feel the quietness.



     The Bay of Kotor offers you a numerous activities like:

·         Visiting the old towns Kotor and Perast (Unesco protected)

·         Hiking

·         Cycling

·         Climbing

·         Fishing

·         Scuba diving

·         Sailing

·         Water-skiing

·         Golf

·         Tennis



The Bay of Kotor offers delicious food. Typical dishes of this area are:

·         Fish specialities

·         Shells

·         Crabs

·         Smoked ham (prosciutto)

·         Cheese

·         Chicory

·         Mediterranean donuts (priganice)

·         Honey